By now the name CASSPIR has become a household name in the theatre of Mine Action and BAC (Battle Area Clearance) operations. Thanks to its design, CASSPIR has saved countless number of lives and cemented its reputation as the benchmark standard in Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs). The v-shaped hull, side armour protection levels  and interior design allow for optimum safety for driver and crew.

MECHEM is the original designer of the CASSPIR; an anagram for CSIR and the then SAP, which commissioned the design. The first model rolled off the TFM production line in 1979 and the last new CASSPIR was built twenty years ago. Having played its part in the border conflict in the 80’s and currently still the vehicle demining platform of choice in countries across the African continent and further afield. This trusted name in MPVs and APCs will continue its legacy in creating safer environments – the motto behind MECHEM a subsidiary of Denel (Pty) Ltd.

With this wealth of experience MECHEM now facilitates the sale of a range of specialised vehicles that include:

Newly built CASSPIR MK-II’s in both Mine Protected and Armoured Personnel variants. The MK-II also comes in a range of applications such as CASSPIR-Recovery vehicles, CASSPIR Ambulances and CASSPIR Command and Control or CASSPIR-S
The All new CASSPIR MK-IV launched at the AAD-exhibit in Cape Town in 2010 with added occupancy comfort and protection levels.
Our Cash-in-Transit vehicles like the KF26 and the KF46 built tough for the movement of capital, VIPs and can also be used as a field command and control vehicle.
MECHEM offers a range of upgrades to capital equipment like dozers and graders. We offer up-armouring of the cab to make it mine/explosive resistant thus protecting the driver should a mine or UXO detonate during ground preparation for infrastructural development.

Other vehicles available in limited supply include:

SAMIL 20, SAMIL 50 and SAMIL 100
Rinkhals field command office and ambulances

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Mechem Vehicles is a division of MECHEM.

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